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Air Transportation & RSVP Department

Air Transportation Department

  • Aircraft charter as business jets, helicopters and airplanes;
  • Analysis of air network according to the briefing;
  • Discount percentage negotiation with Airlines companies;
  • Booking of group reservation in Airlines companies;
  • Issue the air ticket;
  • Saving report;
  • National and International performance;
  • We send a personalized confirmation letter for your guest;
  • Sizing of ground transportation according to the flight logistic.

RSVP Department

  • We have our own RSVP structure inside Air Transportation Department;
  • Online RSVP status tracking tool with possible improvement according the client request;
  • Operational integration of RSVP in the airline structure, allowing:

    a. Online research of flights made by an expert staff during the call with the guest on the phone;

    b. Possibility to issue the air ticket immediately after we received the choices of the flights by the guests, with the prior authorization of the final customer;

    c. Confirmation status: we send daily or weekly a report of the contacts with the guests providing the feedback to our customers and it allows to accompany and develop the event in advance.

Operational Process

The operational process is divided in up to 03 steps, considering all the deadlines according to the type and urgency of the event.

Planning and collecting the information: On this stage, the team will contact the client for the planning of the service, such as understanding the compliance policy, creating a timeline schedule, developing the script to the RSVP service and collecting all information according with the event and congress.

Contacting the guest: Active and receptive contacts with the guests by telephone, e-mail or hot site (hot site developed by Central de Eventos).
Average deadline: 40 to 30 days before the event.

Finishing the contact of the guests: We will contact the guest that has not confirmed yet by telephone, e-mail, hot site or any other possible way.
Average deadline: from 15 to 05 before the event.