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by Viaje Aqui

Visa is a document required by certain countries to grant permission to entry into its borders to citizens of other nationalities. In General, visas are stamped or attached to the passport and determine the length of time of the visit and its purpose. There are different types, among which the most recurrent are: tourist visa; student visa; business visa; transit visa; diplomatic visa; journalist visa, and even seen.

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by Receita Federal

The traveler can acquire, free of taxes, in the duty free shops (duty free shops) of ports and airports, after landing in Brazil and before its presentation to customs supervision, goods to the value of $ 500.00. This value is not deducted from the quota of baggage exemption to which the traveler is entitled.

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The limits of carry-on baggage are defined by safety criteria to meet to the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft and the preventive measures of safety on board. On domestic flights, the baggage cannot be greater than 115 cm (height + length + width) and the maximum weight is 5 kg. Case exceeds that specification, the airline may require that baggage doesn't travel with you and be done.

The rules also prohibit international flights in hand luggage: sharp or piercing, such as Pocket knives, nail scissors etc. These items may only be transported in checked baggage. The transport of liquids on international flights must comply with current regulations.

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Documentation for shipment


The presentation of identification document is indispensable for boarding.
Passengers should present an identification document in two moments: at check-in in person and at the boarding gate.

Brazilian legislation applies to flights coming out of Brazil. For flights from other countries, the rules of the place of origin of the trip, this may be different from the Brazilian legislation.

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Villa Rossa (SP): Multifaceted, traditional Sao Paulo hotel stands out in events and leisure

by Hotelier News

Installed in the village Darcy Penteado, São Paulo São Roque, Hotel Villa Rossa is for more than two decades a reference in the region. Completing 23 years of operations in 2015, the traditional venture is known as much for its recreational facilities, which attracts different generations of the same family guests, as for its broad array of events, which can receive conventions of large companies to weddings.

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Brazil stands out in one of the largest fairs in the world

by Brasilturis

On the day dedicated to the Independence of Brazil, the 7th, the tourism minister, Henrique Eduardo Alves, opened the Week of Brazil in Expo Milan, Italy, accompanied by the President of Embratur, Vinicius Lummertz. The Minister took the opportunity to invite visitors to one of the largest events world to participate in the Olympics in Brazil in 2016.

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Crisis and economic momentum will be discussed in Festuris


The Tourism Festival of Gramado (Festuris), which this year takes place 5-8 November in Serra Gaucha, discuss the country's economic hard times and how this scenario reflects on tourism. "As the market behaves and the challenges the economy presents. How best management and which strategies to overcome this moment. All this will be discussed at the event", promises the director of Rossi & Zorzanello Trade and Enterprises, Marta Rossi.

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Mice Fan 2015 makes technical visit on CityWalk

by Panrotas

The HC Travel, Eduardo Bittencourt company focused on the Mice market in the US, today begins the third edition of famtour leading professionals segment for an extensive training and participation in a program of "team building" in Orlando and Miami.

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