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National Travel

What size of hand luggage allowed?
The limits of carry-on baggage are defined by safety criteria to meet to the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft and the preventive measures of safety on board. On domestic flights, the baggage cannot be greater than 115 cm (height + length + width) and the maximum weight is 5 kg. Case exceeds that specification, the airline may require that baggage doesn't travel with you and be done.

What is the weight of the baggage that might be able to move without additional cost?
Depends on the size of the aircraft and of the class in which the passenger is traveling (first class or economy class, for example). On average, each passenger may take up to 23 kg on domestic flights.
The airline is authorized to charge for excess baggage at check-in, a value that could reach 0.5% of full rate per kilogram of excess.
The company also can deny the carriage of excess baggage or carry it on another flight. Sporting goods in General (surfboard, bicycle etc.), musical instruments and other types of special baggage must be included in the franchise, in the same way as an ordinary luggage. For more information, see the airline.

What I do to dispatch something of value in my luggage?
The luggage to be dispatched, the passenger must avoid carrying valuables (such as jewelry or electronic devices).
But, if there is a need, you can declare the value of the goods transported even at check-in to this, ask the form to the airline, which will be responsible for goods declared by the rate being charged on the Act of confirmation of goods. See the values with the airline. Normally a receipt is required as proof of the value of the goods to be dispatched.

The rules of baggage for international flights are different?
Yes. Some items allowed on domestic flights are not released for international flights, because they depend on the standards of the country of destination. See also, in this guide, the topic international travel.

International Travel

What can I take as hand luggage?
The rules also prohibit international flights in hand luggage: sharp or piercing, such as Pocket knives, nail scissors etc. These items may only be transported in checked baggage. The transport of liquids on international flights must meet the standards below:
• Liquids, gels and pastes should be conducted in a transparent plastic container up to 1 liter (approximately 20 cm x 20 cm), shown in x-ray inspection of baggage separately. Each container may not exceed the volume of 100 ml. Liquids in vials 100 ml above cannot be transported, even partially filled.
• Perfumes, drinks and other liquids purchased at duty free must be packed in sealed bag and accompanied by the invoices of the day of the flight. This measure does not guarantee the acceptance of the package sealed by other countries. In the case of connection, please refer to the airline about the possibility of retaining your product by foreign authorities.
• Prescription-only Medicines and presentation of the revenue at the time of inspection by x-rays.
• Baby Food or special liquids (soups, syrups, etc..), just on the quantity to be used during the flight, including any stopovers, and presented on preventative x-ray inspection of safety on board. The rules on baggage limits vary according to the destination country. For this, see the airline in advance.

What I can't take as checked baggage?
Explosive, flammable or toxic substances are examples of items that cannot be transported as checked baggage. If in doubt about any specific item you want to move, see the airline.

Can I take my medications on the trip?
The entry of medicines in other countries can suffer health surveillance. So, don't forget the medical prescription. Remember to bring (preferably in hand luggage) the medicines necessary for the complete duration of the trip. It is recommended that the medicines are kept in the original box for better identification.
Stay tuned to the individual volume of the containers, because aviation safety standards, is only allowed to take in hand luggage:
• Baby bottles and infant foods processed (when babies and toddlers traveling).
• Essential medicines accompanied by medical prescription (prescription shall have the passenger's name to be confronted with the name shown on the boarding card).
• Medicines that do not require medical prescription: eye drops, saline solution for contact lenses etc. (provided they do not exceed 100 ml or 3.4 oz).
• Insulin and special liquids or gels for diabetic passengers, accompanied by medical prescription (provided they do not exceed 100 ml or 3.4 oz).
• Cosmetics (lipstick, lip balm or deodorant stick etc.).

It is necessary to declare my camera and other objects before loading?
The internal revenue service of Brazil, the Federal Police and other agencies do not send documents for proof of exit to the outside of the luggage of the traveler.
There are some ways to make sure that the passenger already had the object in question.

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