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Nacional and International Events

Nacional and International Events

The operational structure and logistic of Central de Eventos are ready to serve at any events demand around Brasil and the whole world.

We work with linked section, favoring greater proactivity and adequate care an in the achievement of you event.

Its constant search for development our services, we achieve a continuous management work, which involves: technology and application of performance indicators, sending updates of client-review and customer satisfaction survey.

Services we provide:

  • Feasibility study and destination;
  • Paperwork assistance; process of visa and documentation;
  • Analysis of flight network and issue of tickets in house;
  • Technical advice of hospitality;
  • Option of venue which best suit with the event;
  • Consultancy of tours and activities for free time;
  • Consultancy of restaurants and dinner venue, award ceremony and others;
  • Equipment rental, simultaneous translation;
  • Hiring of services - translators and interpret;
  • Research a variety of entertainment, shows, DJ, music bands, lecture series, photographer, filming and etc.;
  • Coordination of transfers Operational process logistic, airport, restaurant, tours and extra activities;
  • RSVP active and receptive specialized for customer service;
  • Assistance on the arrivals/departures, meeting and greeting;
  • Help desk at the hotel during the event with Portuguese or Spanish speakers coordinators;
  • Technical assistance of Central de Eventos skilled worker;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Creative work and production of all material with visual communication;
  • Emergency response center 24hours, including public holidays;
  • Other services.

Specialized Services

We conduct specialized services for national and international events, learn more: