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Incentive Travel

Incentive Travel

An incentive travel is a prize that you cannot purchase. It is an achievement, a motivational experience which will be a long term memory of those who earn it. It will result in huge benefit to the company.

The travel is totally idealized to be different of the packets regularly sold and surprise the guest every single moment, ranging from dinner at the Great Wall of China to an experience session with the Queen perfumer in London.

It provides cultural experience matching Leisure and learning. Sometimes fulfilling the dreams that the guest didn´t even know he had!

An incentive travel is a prize that you cannot purchase. It is an achievement, motivational experience and relationship which will be a long term memory of those who earn it.

Besides rewarding the best employees, partners and customers, your company still gets back their effort, which will be a source of improvements for the company business. After all, who participated of the last journey won´t want to miss the next trip. On the other hand, who did not participate will make more effort to take their place.

Central de Eventos has a dedicated bilingual team in charge of developing customized programs that will provide the best experience in the main touristic destinations around the world. Services provided by us:

  • Feasibility study of destination, planning and conception of the trip;
  • Paperwork assistance; process of visa and documentation;
  • Analysis of air network and air-ticket issue in house;
  • Consultancy in the research of the best rate options in accommodation services;
  • Consultancy of tours and activities;
  • Consultancy of restaurants and dinner venues, including welcome and farewell dinners, award ceremony and others;
  • AV equipment rental;
  • Hiring simultaneous translation and interpret services;
  • Research a variety of entertainment, shows, DJ, music bands, lecture series, photographer, filming, etc.;
  • Study and coordination of transfers logistic, such airport, restaurant, tours and extra activities;
  • Specialized active and receptive RSVP;
  • Assistance on the arrivals/departures, meet and greet service;
  • Assistance and accompaniment by local guides at destination that speaks Portuguese (Spanish where is not available the Portuguese guide);
  • Event coordination on site, performed by the same Central de Eventos team that worked on the project since the beginning;
  • Travel assistance;
  • Creation of all the event's visual communication and production of the event´s material through Marketing Department of Central de Eventos;
  • Emergency response center 24/7, including public holidays;
  • Others Services.

Specialized Services

We conduct specialized services for national and international events, learn more: